Making the most of the emails you send to your customers

Are you making the most of the emails you send to customers when they buy from your online shop? If not, this article will explain why you should. It will also provide some good ideas for you to better your emails with. As well as making your emails a tool to help your business.

How can utilising emails help promote my products?

Mark the Marketer says “66% of consumers have made a purchase online as a result of an e-mail.”

This statistic shows there is a market for increasing sales by utilising emails.

You may find you can benefit from focusing on making the most of emails to customers. Companies are missing a trick if they spend money on advertising but do not utilise their emails. Making use of images can provide good affects as they are engaging to the reader in comparison to large bodies of text.

If you provide quick response times to orders customers are likely buy from you again, and when you send their order confirmation email this is a good time to promote your sale item/s.

Here are some ideas to promote products using emails-

> Adding a repeat order discount code   > Adding an advert in the footer of the email
> Add details of upcoming events/sales   > A keep shopping button linked to your website

How can utilising emails help increase customer satisfaction?

Forbes said “The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% while it falls to just 5-20% for new prospects.”

Most companies would agree that it is easier to sell to existing customers than selling to new ones. It is because of this that companies work to keep high levels of customer satisfaction. You can use your personalised emails to help ensure a good buyer seller relationship. Customers much prefer emails that they believe is aimed at them and ones that aren’t generic. By simply using the customer’s name, they will already feel more valued. This creates a stronger bond between the buyer and the company. This will encourage repeat custom.

Here are some ideas to increase customer satisfaction using emails-

> Adding a seasonal message to emails   > Free shipping code for customers who refund orders
> Use friendly language in messages   > Adding a thank you message with discount code

How can utilising emails boost brand awareness?

Social Fresh said “Emails with social sharing buttons increase click-through rates by 158%”

You can also use your emails to help promote your business as a whole with branded emails. By using your logo, company colours and font styles in these emails, you have helping to grow your brand. When a customer sees this email they should know straight away that the email is from your company. No need for them to click anything, you are subliminally sending them brand advertisement. With the addition of social media links you can further this affect. Also customers are more likely to buy from a brand they follow on a social media site than one they don’t. Your emails won’t just boost brand awareness but they boost trust in your brand.

Here are some ideas to increase brand awareness using emails-

> Adding a logo to all emails   > Use company colours and themes
> Link to your website or social media pages   > Link to blog or similar showing expertise

How can One Stop Order Processing help?

One Stop Order Processing allows you to customise your emails completely. You can add images, text and other graphics to the email templates.

You can also store as many email templates as you want, this gives you complete freedom to reap the benefits of email marketing.

One Stop Order processing allows you to send emails at each stage of the order process, for example when orders are received, when payment is confirmed, when despatched etc.

One Stop Order Processing also allows you to track which emails you have sent to which customers, it also allows you to send emails in batch. You can also email customers when you import the orders into the software, and you can set to check each email address before sending.

One Stop Order Processing uses macros which make it easy to email, customer specific as you can include any of the recipient’s order details such as, their name, address etc.

For more information on editing emails see the links below.

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NOTE: Some MAPI email servers cannot generate the html in your emails.