Increasing your page rank on eBay


If you have items for sale on eBay, you must be wondering how (although more expensive) other sellers are managing to reach the top rank for a certain product. A lot of people think that it is going down to the lowest price possible, although this certainly gets accounted for, there are still a number of other factors that make you top rank for the best match of the products you are selling. You need to remember that when customers are searching for a product on eBay, the default sorting method is ‘Best Match’ therefore you need to optimise your listings to conform to eBay’s guidelines.

What is going to be covered?

In this post I will be talking about the different ways you can make sure you have the edge on competitors when it comes to page ranking on eBay. It is important to ensure that your listings are good to start off with, this includes the product pictures and descriptions; everything that should be done effectively already. Once you are up and running with your product listings, I will start off with what the qualities the first page listings will have:

– A Top Rated Seller (TRS) statusTop-Rated-Seller-Logo
– FREE shipping service
– Premium service offered
– The best price for that product


First things first, you will want to make sure you have the Top Rated Seller status. This is a very important badge that certainly gets considered when eBay run its algorithm to find the top ranked listings and only takes between 1-2 months to be awarded with. There are requirements to become a Top Rated Seller which are fairly easy to achieve, these consist of having at least 98% positive feedback, being a member of the PowerSeller programme, having at least 100 transactions and £1,000 in sales during the last 12 months.

For more information on the requirements to become a Top Rated Seller, take a look at the following link:


Another factor that eBay are taking into account are the amount of sales that a listing has, so the more sales you can get on a single listing, the more likely it will rank higher on the listings. If you have an eBay shop subscription, I would recommend choosing the end date of the listing to be Good ‘Till Cancelled. This will allow you to keep the sold figure on your listing until you have run out of stock.


A good procedure that can be used when trying to keep this amount of sold items on a listing high is to never run out of stock on a listing. Once you have got a certain amount of sales on a listing, you are able to stay higher ranked unless the listing ends whereby you will have to start over again. Here is a good procedure to keep this figure high and increase the amount of sales on a listing to a steady amount:


Start off by listing the product with Good ‘Till Cancelled and introducing it at a 20% reduced price making you the cheapest option for people to choose from.


After you have received your first 5 sales on that item, increase the price by 5%.
Then once you have received another 5 sales, increase by another 5%.
And again, after you have received the next 5 sales increase the price by 5%.
Now you will be increasing the price to what you were originally going to and you will be set up to have a good amount of sales attached to the listing.


A good tip to make sure you never need to end the listing whilst you are restocking the item, increase the price to a high amount that no one would purchase at. This will keep the stock level the same until you can restock it without having to relist it.


– Make sure you are a Top Rated Seller
– Offer free shipping in your listings
– Offer an overall good price
– Build up your quantity sold figure
– Gradually increase the price to get sales in
– Ensure you never run out of stock on a listing


One Stop Order Processing is a useful tool that can also be used for stock management which is integrated into the software, therefore allowing you to be reminded when stock levels reach a certain level. You can also set automatic stock updates to anticipate the previous months worth of sales allowing you to restock giving you enough time to restock without ending a listing.

Find out more about One Stop Order Processing at the following link: