How to improve efficiency when processing orders

There are many stages of order processing that can be improved to be made more efficient and less time consuming for eCommerce store owners, this can be from getting your orders automatically imported to providing dispatch emails for multiple sales at one time. By automating this process, you can reduce the time spent processing orders considerably, freeing time up to spend growing your business and improving customer service. In this post I am going to cover the different stages of order processing and how it can be improved to be made more efficient.

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Increasing your page rank on eBay


If you have items for sale on eBay, you must be wondering how (although more expensive) other sellers are managing to reach the top rank for a certain product. A lot of people think that it is going down to the lowest price possible, although this certainly gets accounted for, there are still a number of other factors that make you top rank for the best match of the products you are selling. You need to remember that when customers are searching for a product on eBay, the default sorting method is ‘Best Match’ therefore you need to optimise your listings to conform to eBay’s guidelines.

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