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Printing your Ebay orders onto Integrated Label Invoice / Packing Slip paper

You can improve your order packing by using A4 paper with the customer's address on a peel off label. You can then pack the customer's order, stick the address details onto the package and put the packing slip into the package.

You can order the Ebay paper from http://www.ebaypaper.com.au

Example of an Integrated Label Despatch Note paper

You print your Ebay orders in the same way as you currently do. Our Integrated Label Invoice / Packing List paper has the label in the correct place where the customer's address is printed on the A4 sheet of paper.

The process is described below:

How to print invoices from Ebay

1 Logon to Ebay at: http://www.ebay.com.au

Logging onto Ebay Selling Manager

2 You should select the My eBay and click on the Sold button shown under Selling Manager

Selecting orders from Ebay Selling Manager

3 Select the orders to print the packing slips (by ticking the orders on the left hand side). Then click on Dispatch action and select Print postage labels or invoices .

Selecting orders and printing invoices in Selling Manager

4 Click on Invoice / Packing Slip and then Continue.

5 The Invoice/Packing Slips are displayed in the web browser and the print dialog displayed. You can then select the printer to use and click on Print
Printing Packing Slip in Ebay Selling Manager